Grass-fed Beef

beef_butcher cuts.png

Our grass-fed beef comes from animals that lead stress-free lives and are never fed hormones or treated with antibiotics or steroids. Our cattle are fed a grass based diet, grazed on a seasonal rotation on farm pastures and then fed hay harvested from farm fields during the winter months.

At SQM, our grass-fed beef is hand butchered in house at our farm’s state of the art butchering and processing facility. Our talented staff represents a unique combination of butchers and farmers selected for their commitment to the art of craft butchery and their passion for small family farm values and ideals. We maintain high standards to ensure you have an excellent tasting, quality and safe product.

Our grass-fed beef is aged for 10-14 days.  Each steak is hand-cut.  In addition to the cuts listed below, our farm offers a number of specialty or seasonal items including marinated or seasoned meats, smoked briskets, specialty grinds and more.  Please visit us at one of our farmers’ market locations or email us to request additional info or inquire about availability.

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CUTS Price/ LB
Ground Beef 8.99
“Bork” 12.99
Bacon Beef 14.99
Bottom Round 14.99
Chuck, Bone-In 12.99
Chuck, Boneless 14.99
Eye of the Round 19.99
Flank 19.99
Flat Iron 19.99
Hanger 25.99
London Broil 18.99
Minute 16.99
NY Strip 26.99
Swiss Steaks 18.99
Porterhouse 25.99
Rib Eye, Bone-In 23.99
Rib Eye, Boneless 26.99
Shell Steak 22.99
Shoulder Tender 19.99
Sirloin Tip 22.99
Sirloin, Bone-In 20.99
Sirloin, Boneless 22.99
Skirt 18.99
T-Bone 24.99
Top Round 16.99
Tri-Tip 23.99
Culotte 20.99
Bottom Round 14.99
Brisket 14.99
Chuck 7 Bone 10.99
Chuck, Boneless 12.99
Sirloin 18.99
Sirloin Tip 18.99
Standing Rib 18.99
Tenderloin 26.99
Top Round 14.99
Rib Eye
Top Loin
Shoulder Roast, Boneless
Country Style Ribs 14.99
Oxtail 12.99
Ribs 14.99
Shank 9.99
Short Ribs, Bone-In English Style 12.99
Short Ribs, Bone-In Flanken Style 13.99
Short Ribs 12.99
Short Ribs, Boneless 16.99
Stew Meat 9.99
Kabobs 18.99
Beef Hot Dogs 14.99
Beef Kielbasa 18.99
Loin Tips 22.99
Filet 26.99
Bacon Wrapped Filet 35.99
Smoked Beef Brisket
Whole/sliced 16.99
Beef Patties 9.99-14.99
Bacon Burger Patties 14.99
Blue Cheese Bacon Burger Patties 16.99
Pepper Burger Patties 14.99
Shish Kabobs
Corned Beef 16.99
Corned Beef Eye of the Round 19.99
Marinated Bottom Round Steak
Buffalo Marinade 14.99
Roasted Red Pepper Country Ribs 19.99
Jalapeno Cheddar Patties 14.99
Soup Bones … 3.99
Marrow Bones … 8.99
Liver … 7.99
Kidney … 7.99
Suet … 3.99
Tongue … 7.99