Grass-Fed and Pasture-Raised


Good meat is directly tied to how an animal is raised and what they eat. All of our animals are fed an all-natural diet and are free to roam and root through farm fields, just as Nature intended. Our animals never receive hormones or growth-promoting antibiotics and are always handled humanely. They receive grains and supplemental feed that is grown and produced locally and are processed in our state of the art farm abattoir. The result is exceptional meat.

We are a whole animal farm & butcher shop and strive to have zero waste. Because of our nose-to-tail approach, we cannot carry “all of the cuts, all of the time” but we will always have something available to suite your needs. We invite you to explore our many offerings below.


Our all-natural grass-fed beef comes from animals that lead stress-free lives and are never fed hormones or treated with antibiotics or steroids. Our cattle are fed a grass based diet, grazed on a seasonal rotation on farm pastures and then fed hay harvested from farm fields during the winter months. 




Our mixed heritage breeds of pork Tamworth, Berkshire, Gloucestershire Old Spots, Yorkshire, and more create delicious meat with personality. Our pigs have gourmet meals consisting of local farm grown grains, strawberries, corn, peaches, and heirloom tomatoes. The diet combined with a diverse mix of breeds produce pork meat with a pink rosey hue with yummy fat that is well marbled throughout.


We have a variety of poultry freely roaming and foraging our pasture to produce yummy, tasteful meats. All our poultry are processed and hand-cut fresh by our craft butchers onsite in our abattoir. We have the ability to provide a full range of cuts such as sausages, liver, feet, and specialty grinds. 





We maintain a mixed sheep flock consisting of animals chosen for their excellence mothering skills and outstanding meat quality. Our lamb is tasteful, nutritional, and high quality with no gaminess. The lambs are custom butchered on site after 7-10 days of ageing that enhances the flavor and tenderness of the meat. We offer a full range of grass-fed lamb cuts as well as specialty cuts including our famous lamb sausage.  


Whether on a dietary restriction or a hankering for a flavor you remember from a past culinary crusade, our farm will custom make a batch of sausages (minimum order of 25 lbs) from our meat using pork, lamb, or synthetic casings (or no casings). We also offer a variety of our own fresh sausages and grinds. 


Our natural pasture-raised turkey, beef and pork are crafted into a variety of special roasted deli meats that add beautiful flavors to any sandwich or charcuterie platter. Please contact us for more information and how to order.