Sausages & Grinds

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SQM offers a variety of handmade artisan sausages and grinds made from our quality meats and poultry, featuring seasonal ingredients fresh from our local farms. In addition to our favorites listed below, SQM also features a number of seasonal selections to reflect the bounty of the farms.

Whether a dietary restriction or a hankering for a flavor you remember from a past culinary crusade, our farm will custom make a batch of sausage for you from our meats. In fact it would be our pleasure!  Ask our butcher to create a special selection or share your favorite recipe for us to recreate.  We offer pork, lamb and synthetic casings, as well as casing-free.

  • All custom batches require a 25 pound minimum.  Please specify any dietary needs with your order/request.

  • All sausage is manufactured on equipment that processes products containing dairy & gluten.

  • Nutritional Info & Diet Restrictions:  We feature several varieties with different dietary and nutritional considerations from GF-gluten free, ND-non-dairy, PF-pork free, and SF-sugar free.

Order local sausages today! 

Chicken-Apple Sage 14.99
Chicken-Hot Italian 14.99
Chicken-Sweet Italian 14.99
Chicken-Jamaican Jerk 14.99
Chicken-Spinach Feta 16.99
Chicken-Parmesan Garlic 16.99
Chicken-Rosemary Garlic 14.99
Chicken-Bacon Ranch
Beef-Boerwors 14.99
Lamb-Chorizo 22.99
Lamb-Hot Italian 18.99
Lamb-Sweet Italian 18.99
Lamb-Merguez 23.99
Pork-English Bangers 14.99
Pork-Apple Whiskey Onion 14.99
Pork-Spicy Poblano 14.99
Pork-Italian Cheese 14.99
Pork-Sweet Potato 18.99
Pork-Jamaican Jerk 14.99
Pork-Chorizo Verde 14.99
Pork-Mushroom Leek 14.99
Pork-Cheddarwurst 14.99
Pork-Krautwurst 14.99
Pork-Roasted Beet & Dill 14.99
Pork- Ugly HOT 14.99
Pork-Chorizo 14.99
Pork-Hot Italian 12.99
Pork-Sweet Italian 12.99
Pork-Maple Breakfast 18.99
Pork-Fennel Reisling 14.99
Pork- Red Wine Rosemary 14.99
Turkey-Rosemary Garlic
Turkey-Kielbasa 14.99
Pork-Bierwurst 19.99
Pork-Linguica 16.99
Pork-Weisswurst 19.99
Pork-Andouille 12.99
Chicken-Apple & Apricot 19.99
Beef-Kielbasa 16.99
Beef-Knockwurst 16.99