Holiday Turkeys

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Fresh Pasture-Raised Turkeys:  

We offer traditional and heritage turkeys for the holiday season. Our birds are pasture-raised, fed all natural diets and custom processed on our farm. Holiday turkeys are available to order as whole roasting birds or in parts (breasts, thighs, legs, drumsticks and wings), and they can be brined, spatch-cocked.

To order, please select from our “Thanksgiving” options on our Online Store page.  Each turkey has been carefully raised for you and your family and friends to enjoy.  Our dedicated farm crew looks forward to joining your holiday celebrations and offers several “Handy chef’s extra” additions” to make your celebrations extra festive and tasty.  

2018 Turkey Prices

  • Small Traditional (10-15 lbs) …$90 ea

  • Medium Traditional (16-19 lbs) …$115 ea

  • Large Traditional (20-23 lbs) …$140 ea

  • X Large Traditional (24-27) …$165 ea

  • Super Traditional (28 + lbs) …$6.99/lb

  • Heritage (8-12 lbs) …$150 ea

  • Turkey Cuts …see our poultry menu


  • French Toulouse Goose (6-10 lbs) …$125

  • Peking Duck (3-5 lbs) …$75

Handy Chef’s Extra’s:  

Let our butcher help make your holidays easier.  We offer the following options with your turkey orders.  

  • Brine my turkey …$35

  • Spatch-cock my turkey …$25

  • Smoke my turkey …$50 (Brined and smoked, ready to eat; Available for Small, medium and heritage turkeys only.)