**2024**Now accepting appointments for custom red meat butchering and smoking services.

To book a processing appointment: Call 413-277-9600

**We do NOT accept processing appointments or inquiries made by e-mail or Facebook. Please see additional reservation details below.

Our farm offers custom red meat processing and smoking/value-added processing services. Details regarding our processing services, pricing and policies are listed below. Please read carefully and contact us if you have questions.

We are a state-inspected processing facility licensed by the Mass Department of Public Health. We offer butchering and smoking services ONLY and slaughter must occur at a USDA facility and the meat stamped.  You can set up your own slaughter appointment or work with our farm to set up an appointment for your animals, however we recommend calling us prior to booking slaughter appointments to discuss dates and your butchering and smoking needs.  All red meat (beef, pork, lamb, goat) butchered and or smoked at our facility is custom processed and cannot be resold to the public.   


**Please note: Prices are subject to change and we reserve the right to adjust processing fees at any point.  


*Payment Forms- Orders must be paid in full at pick-up. We accept cash or checks. Payments made by credit card will be assessed an additional 5% processing fee.


ServicesBeef & VEALPorkLamb & Goat
Cut & Packaged$1.15/LB$1.15/LB$1.25/LB
LINKED SAUSAGE$2.25/LB$2.25/LB$2.25/LB
BULK SAUSAGE$1.20/LB$1.20/LB$1.20/LB
CUSTOM SMOKING*starting at $2.95/lb*STARTING AT $2.95/LB*STARTING AT $2.95/LB
  • SLAUGHTER appointments must be booked with a USDA facility.  We ask that you call us before booking your appointment to confirm processing services and dates.  We work with a local USDA processor and are happy to work with you to book slaughter appointments for your animals.
  • Prior to booking your slaughter appointments, facility dependent, we will make arrangements with you to coordinate pick-up and drop-off of your meat for custom butchering and smoking services.  Depending upon the facility and animals there may be an additional fee for meat transport and handling.
  • It is your responsibility to fill out processing paper-work and provide a cut sheet upon booking our processing services.  Upon booking our services, we will issue you cut sheet(s).  We MUST have cutting and processing instructions upon receiving your meat from the USDA inspected facility.  Late cut sheets will be charged an additional $50 fee. 
  • Butchering and smoking or value-added processing services require 1-4 weeks depending upon customer requests.  All product will be packaged, labeled and frozen. We will contact you to pick-up your meat when your order has been completed.


The base slaughter fees are determined by the facility that processes your animal, type and size of the animal.  Fee payment arrangements must be set with our facility at the time of booking your butchering and smoked processing. 

  • We charge a $25-75 cartage fee to transport whole slaughtered animals **This is dependent upon the animal and facility.
  • $.10/lb label fee based on hanging weight.
  • We offer the following sausage flavors for our standard processing:  Sweet Italian, Hot Italian, Chorizo, Breakfast, Fennel Riesling, Red Wine Rosemary and German Bratwurst.  There is a 10 lbs minimum for each batch.
  • We offer the following sausage flavors for specialty sausage processing:  Chorizo Verde, Spicy Fennel, Lemon Scallion Ginger, Jamaican Jerk, Cilantro Lime Jalapeno, Hot Honey, Thai Curry, Jalapeno Cheddar Bratwurst, Apple Whiskey Onion and Roasted Garlic and Kale.  There is a 10 lb minium for each batch.
  • Custom sausage formulations are available for an additional fee.  Please inquire.  Minimum bach size is 10 lbs.
  • Standard smoked processing is available for the following cuts:  Applewood bacon, ham, jowls and hocks.
  • Custom or specialty smoked processing is available for the following items:  Flavored bacons (Black Forest, Maple Bourbon and Five Spice), Flavored Hams (Tasso, Black Forest, Herbed and Capicola), and Specialty cuts (Smoked Pork Chops and Canadian bacon).  There is an additional $1.50/lb charge for specialty smoking.
  • There is $.50/lb slicing fee for all smoked bacon, jowls and specialty hams.
  • Smoked Sausage Processing is available on a limited basis.  The price is dependent upon the type of sausage.  We offer the following smoked sausage flavors: Kielbasa, Knockwurst, Bierwurst and Andouille.  Please inquire for pricing.

Scheduling Processing Appointments

All processing appointments must be made by phone. Call 413-277-9600

  • We require a credit card at the time of scheduling to secure your processing appointment and charge $75 reservation fee which will be credited to your final invoice.
  • Cancellation Fee (within 21 days of scheduled appointment) is $75
  • No show fee is $100
  • It is your responsibility to notify us If there is a change to your to your processing date needs.

Processing Policies

Labels & Sale

Red Meat products processed in our facility are custom processed and cannot be resold.  All products will be packaged in vacuum sealed packaging and labeled. Products cannot be resold and will be labeled with a NOT FOR RESALE sticker.

All orders must be picked up and invoices paid in full within seven days of notification.

We are not responsible for orders left in our freezer 7 days after notification that your order is ready.

Product left in our freezer for longer than 2 weeks will be charged a fee of $50 and then $10/day after that.

We will take ownership of any product left in our freezer for more than 3 months..