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Stillman Quality Meats
Hardwick, Massachusetts

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Good Meat is not manufactured or produced-
It's raised.

We nurture all our animals by hand with a lot of care. Our beef and lamb are 100% grass-fed, and our pigs, chickens, and turkeys are raised on pasture and fed all-natural, supplemental grain grown locally. All our animals get to run and root around outdoors the way nature intended.

• Pasture-raised

• Sensitive, humane handling

• No antibiotics 

• No growth hormones

For the love of farming

SQM is a woman-run farm owned and operated by me, Kate Stillman. As a third-generation farmer, I know firsthand how amazing a steak can taste when the cow’s been raised entirely on grass under sunshine and blue sky. Or how exceptional bacon is when it's slow-cured with just salt and sugar and smoked over REAL wood chips. I’m passionate about sharing really good food raised humanely. I can guarantee our meats are unlike anything you’ve ever tasted from conventional sources.

We're a farm & Butchery

We’re one of a small handful of farms across the US that butchers and processes everything ourselves in our state-certified facility right here on the farm. Our animals never travel to be processed, so they’re less stressed. You get the most humane, sustainable and safest path to the best-tasting meat. Unique, custom cuts available—including custom sausages and charcuterie!

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Worcester Butcher Shop

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