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Monday- Friday:  9am-6pm

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The story of our Butchery

The start of something special

It all started in 2014- born out of a need to address the lack of processing options for our farm's growing livestock herds and a desire to bring better meats to our customers' tables- Farm-Her Kate undertook the ambitious journey to transform the farm into an Abattoir and Butchery.  Today, situated at our main Hardwick Farmstead our Butchery is where all the "magic" happens.  Here, the SQM team cuts all the beautiful steaks and chops, hand-makes sausages and cures and smokes our meats.  We like to ccall it carnivore paradise!

A cut above.

Our Butchery is what makes our farm truly unique!

We like to think we are part of a revolution- bringing back the tradition of meat raised by small-scale farms on pasture and hand-cut by people who truly know quality meat and respect the craft of nose-to-tail butchery.  We, very proudly are one of only a small handful of farms across the US operating our own abattoir and whole-animal Butchery. This means we control the process from start to finish. As a customer- this means you get meat with less mileage, that is produced and processed in the most sustainable way and is handled by people who truly care and know about the meat and animals. The result is meat and poultry products of exceptional quality AND taste!  

Get the real butcher experience.

When is the last time you ordered meat from the guy or gal who raised the animal AND butchered it too?  Most likely never!  It's quite an experience and one we're proud to offer our customers.  We use the term "whole-animal" to describe our Butchery, which as the term suggests- means we use the whole animal.  It also means we do not carry all the cuts all the time, but rather only what's available as we cut.  We think that adds a specialness to what we do.

We always offer a varied selection of cuts and are happy to custom cut something for you if you call ahead!  Farm-Her Kate's suggestion- Come visit our Butchery and ask the SQM crew "What's Tasty for Dinner?"

As a whole animal Butchery we are able to offer cuts you typically cannot find in standard meat cases.

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Local Ingredients

We've curated a selection of some of our favorite local ingredients- from small-batch hot sauces and preserves sauces to locally made pasta and sauce. .



We offer a selection of local cheeses and house-made charcuterie.  Select your own or let us design a custom board for you.  We also offer custom charcuterie stations for events and entertaining.  Inquire!



We're excited to have you visit our Hardwick Farmstead and Butchery and experience our pasture-raised meats.

  • Our selections are ever changing
  • Cut to order meats and poultry
  • Country Smokehouse
  • Dinner to go- meat pies & prepared foods

Do you have a question about one of our products?  Check out our Products Nitty Gritty Page!

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Custom Butchering Services

Our farm offers custom butchering services for beef, pork and lamb.  If you raise your own meat and are looking for cutting, sausage-making and smoking services- call us to book a processing appointment.

FARM-RAISED.  It's that simple.

Good meat is not produced or manufactured.  IT'S RAISED.