Born out of a lifelong passion for agriculture and a desire to fill the small farm dream, Kate Stillman began building Stillman Quality Meats (SQM) in 2005 starting with one chicken, one cow, one pig and one sheep at a time. Kate embraced her farming roots and honed her skills, among many others, as an entrepreneur, caretaker, manager, vet, sales person, and butcher.

Kate endlessly works with little vacation and sleep to bring her passion for agriculture and the farm’s commitment to sustainable animal husbandry to fruition, delivering SQM customers “the best of the farm” premium grass-fed meats and pastured poultry direct to their plates. It is her commitment to those roots that allows the farm to strike a balance between old traditions and modern sustainable practices.

Kate’s passion and dedication as a mompreneur (to Trace, Jaide, and SQM) has helped successfully build SQM into a vibrant and dynamic farm operation that has grown to include a state of the art poultry abattoir – an on-farm processing facility to custom process all of the farm’s grass fed, pastured meats and poultry.There are many unique opportunities for customers to learn and savor our special products at our two farmsteads in the picturesque town of Hardwick, through our extensive CSA network, and at farmers’ market throughout Massachusetts. Come visit and say hi! We would love to hear from you. 


We are extremely passionate about our animals and approach, making pasture-raised the foundation of our farm mission. All natural and humanely raised is a way of life! Our talented team of family members, farmers, butchers, meat cutters and sales staff is dedicated to our farm mission, and fully committed to delivering you the tastiest, most wholesome and nutritious meats and poultry available.Without exception!All of the meats and poultry at Stillman Quality Meats are local, grass-fed and pasture-raised. We have a diverse mix of livestock species that include cattle, pigs, sheeps, chickens, turkeys and water fowls that:

  • Are raised in their natural environments
  • Never receive routine-antibiotics
  • Are fed all-natural diets

We are the only farm in Massachusetts featuring a state of the art poultry abattoir and red meat processing/butchering facility. This means we control the process from start to finish. Raising and processing our meats on our farmsteads means you get meat with less mileage, produced in the most sustainable and local way. When you purchase from our farm, you purchase direct from the farmer – the processor and the butcher. Our farm is truly farm to fork, offering our customers a direct path to quality meats and poultry with outstanding taste. No other farm can offer you that! 

Today, Stillman Quality Meats is a dynamic farming enterprise – a true family farm – featuring a variety of livestock with dedicated team committed to offering the ultimate in humanely and sustainably raised, pastured meats and poultry. We are extremely proud to offer customers tasty and conscientious connection from farm to plate!