Pastured Pork

We raise a diverse breed of pigs featuring Tamworth, Berkshire, Gloucestershire Old Spots, Yorkshire, and more. Our pigs eat a diet of grains and produce from the local farms. The combination of a diverse breed with local foods creates pork that is distinctly different in look, taste, and texture with a gorgeous pinkish and rosey hue. The meat is well marbled in a yummy heathy fat that gives it a full-flavored and slightly sweet taste. 

Our pastured pork is distinctly different in look, taste and texture. The pork is so wildly different than “the other white meat” that we refer to it as “Rose Pork” because of its gorgeous pink rosey hue, yummy-healthy fat, and well marbled meat. The distinct “rose” color of our pastured pork is derived from the farm-raised diets our pigs are fed and the healthy pasture environment our pigs are reared in. Our pigs:

  • are never fed or treated with antibiotics

  • are raised outdoors on pasture- free to roam and root and fulfill their porcine natures

  • are allowed to farrow naturally

  • piglets are weaned naturally

  • are never crated or had their tails docked

Our pigs eat a combination diet of grains and produce from the farms including strawberries, corn, peaches and heirloom tomatoes.  The ultimate gourmet life! This diet creates a full flavored pork that is slightly sweet with rich buttery fat.  Hold the seasonings and cook moderately as you will be back for more.

Order your pastured pork today! 

CUTS Price/ LB
Kabobs 12.99
Cutlets 14.99
Fresh Belly 12.99
Pork Chops
Porterhouse 16.99
Loin 13.99
Sirloin 13.99
Rib 13.99
Bone-In 1-1.5” 13.99
Boneless 1-1.5” 15.99
Spare Ribs 12.99
Southern-Style Ribs 13.99
Country Style Ribs 12.99
Baby back 15.99
Smoked 15.99
Sirloin Steak 11.99
Flat Iron 19.99
Ground 8.99
Stew 8.99
“Bucco” Shanks 8.99
Shoulder Roast … 10.99
Shoulder Boneless … 11.99
Butt Roast … 11.99
Tenderloin … 23.99
Brisket … 14.99
Pluma … 21.99
Bone-in Loin Roast … 13.99
Boneless Loin Roast … 15.99
Eye of the Round Roast … 14.99
Fresh Ham Roast …Bone-Iin 10.99
Fresh Ham Roast…Boneless
Crown …
Top Round Roast …
Bottom Round Roast … 12.99
Bacon Wrapped Herb Roast 21.99
Herbed Eye of the Round 16.99
Applewood Smoked … 14.99
Black Forest … 16.99
Cracked  Pepper … 16.99
Hickory Smoked… 14.99
Rasberry Gin… 19.99
Maple Bourbon… 16.99
Chili Chipotle… 16.99
Jalapeno… 16.99
Slab … 14.99
Bacon Ends … 14.99-19.99
Specialty Smoked Cuts
Smoked Pork Chops 19.99
Canadian Bacon 23.99
Ham Steak 16.99
“City Ham”
Ham Hock 5.99
Black Forest Ham 16.99
Tasso Ham 13.99
Guanciale 12.99
Smoked Trotters 8.99
Soup Bones … 3.99
Trotters … 5.99
Liver … 7.99
Kidney … 7.99
Heart … 7.99
Jowl … 6.99
Pig Head … 6.99
Pig Tails … 7.99
Fatback … 4.99
Fresh Pig Trotters … 5.99