Welcome to Stillman Quality Meats!

A woman-owned farm and Butchery

Raised on our farm and cut by hand.

Hi, I'm Kate

I'm maker and shaker at Stillman Quality Meats! We are a woman-owned, pasture-based livestock farm and Butchery in Hardwick, MA. Together with my two young sons we raise grass-fed and pasture-raised beef, pork, lamb, chicken, turkey and fresh eggs.

I’m a born and raised, genuine “farm-girl” having spent my entire life on the farm and actively farming- my passion is to deliver really good food to people's plates. I'm a firm believer that some of the best, most nutritious food we can put in our bodies comes from pasture-raised animals.  Having eaten off the farm my entire life, I know first hand what good meat from animals raised right is. I know how amazing pork chops taste from pigs that have been raised on pasture and fed Summer peaches and corn or how exceptional bacon is when its slow cured with just salt and sugar and smoked over REAL wood chips. I can guarantee you our farm-raised meats are unlike anything you have ever tasted or experienced when purchasing from conventional sources.

I started SQM in 2006 with one simple goal: I wanted to share the meats I grew up eating with our farm customers. I wanted folks to know not only how amazing pasture-raised meats taste, but also  experience and understand the story behind what it takes to bring these meats to the plate. My favorite saying is: “Shake the hand that feeds you”! And that’s just what I aim to do! I invite you to pull up a seat and join me at the table to enjoy our pasture-raised meats- to taste the difference and savor the work that goes into every bite!


It's simple, yet it isn't.   Our approach to raising good meat starts from the ground up.

Regenerative Farming

We focus on land stewardship to create a stronger, healthier farm ecosystem.

Animal Welfare

We cherish healthy happy animals that are raised in their natural environments, never receive routine antibiotics and are fed all natural diets.

Craft Butchery

A passion for delivering superior tasting meat & poultry products hand-cut by people who truly know good meat.

FARM-RAISED.  It's that simple.

Good meat is not produced or manufactured.  IT'S RAISED.